Workload Timeline

Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in News


Got together with just about everyone from the team today to talk about upcoming projects and figure out a timeline order in which we want to start getting projects done in.  One of the team members has a project that she brought to us and we were able to sit down with the entire team and talk about how to go about making the project come to life.  Lots of a great ideas were tossed around and I think that everyone feel pretty confident about making the project work.  Still have some details to work out on it…..but I think its going to be a go in early 2015 to start working on it.  We also got lots of really cool ideas figured out for a project that we plan to start shooting in early spring 2015.  I think we will have a much larger scale of work on these two 2015 projects, but they’re both going to be really cool.

We also talked about a short that we’re planning to start shooting in mid to late November…..and a new Barfly webisode.  The November short, titled, “Goodnight Son” is just about ready to go…..just need to finish up some small details for it.  The next webisode, titled, “Barfly: The Xander Goldberg Incident” will be shot in the next couple of weeks.  Its basically already buttoned up….just waiting to get the team’s schedule figured out for the shooting date.  So as you can see, lots of things are on the fire for future projects.


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