The Great Self-Exile

Three friends hideout in the woods in a drug fueled haze and contemplate their next move after a drug deal gone horribly wrong.

Directed by
Devin Vaughn
Sam Thomas

Written by
Sam Thomas

Original Score by
Milky Way


Josh Masias

Zak Evans

Devin Vaughn

Drug Dealer #1
Jason Sandberg

Drug Dealer #2
Tory Watson

Drug Dealer #3
Josh Schroeder

Extras (club patrons)
Evan Teel
Danielle Defrieze
Callie Vaughn
Beth Blodgett
Haylee Peterson-Thomas
Sheldon Defrieze
Erika Laugeson
Derek Teel
Cullen Happel

Voice Over
Jakob Schebler

Lighting & Special Effects
Ryan Lilly

James Welsh

Edited by
Sam Thomas

Sound / Technical Advisor
Matt Thomas

Song: "Immortal"
by Muddy buns
produced by Reflect

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