When a man realizes he’s lost his left shoe, he goes on an adventure to find it, coming across a number of strange and quirky characters along the way.

Directed by
Devin Vaughn

Written by
Sam Thomas
Devin Vaughn
Stephen Waugaman

Cinematography by
Sam Thomas

(in order of appearance)

Gage Richardson

Jamar Al-Miraclewhip Johnson
Sam Thomas

Excessive Sweatband Guy
Stephan Waugaman

Austin Stone

Twins of Capitalism
Riley Tapley
Cainin Tapley

Consumerist Cool Guy
James Welsh

Handshake Hustler
Beth Blodgett

Handshake Pimp
Tammy Vaughn

Xena Alexandria
Ryan Lilly

Chata's Brother
Josh Masias

Zen Master
Eric Murphy

Huff Master
Devin Vaughn

Barber Skylar
Colin Hasselroth

Lefty the Shoe
Zak Evans

Original Score by
Milky Way

Special Effect & Lighting by
Ryan Lilly

Production Design by
Callie Vaughn
Haylee Peterson-Thomas
Zak Evans

Sound / Technical Advisor
Matt Thomas

Edited by
Sam Thomas

Sound Design by
Eric Murphy

Script Supervision
James Welsh

  • Pointless

  • The Great Self-Exile

  • Ubiquitious

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