Motive Direct Investigates – Ghosts – E4

After four months of a paranormal investigation, our crewmember Ryan Lilly fell victim to a possible possession while investigating a home in Davenport, Iowa. After consulting with an expert from Ghost Crier PI, LLC, we were given the advice to hire a Priest who specializes in exorcisms!! We decided to record the entire process and post it here for everyone to see…be warned, this may be difficult to watch!

Devin Vaughn

Cinematography by
Sam Thomas


Devin Vaughn
as himself / Host

Sam Thomas
as himself / Cinematographer

Austin Stone
as himself / Investigator

Ryan "Shake" Lilly
as himself / GoPro & Sound

Tom Van Damme
as himself / Unpaid Intern

Exorcist Priest
Aaron Sullivan

Media Manager
Matt Thomas

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