Motive Direct Investigates – Ghosts – E2

We’re back! The hunt for ghosts continues in Episode 2 as we explore a long-rumored haunted house in Davenport, Iowa. American History Channel (AHC) will be airing re-runs, but why wait? Watch it RIGHT NOW, right here! Created by Motive Direct, hosted by Devin Vaughn, director of photography Sam Thomas, sound engineer Ryan Lilly, researcher Austin James Stone, and unpaid intern Tom Van Damme.

Devin Vaughn

Cinematography by
Sam Thomas


Devin Vaughn
as himself / Host

Sam Thomas
as himself / Cinematographer

Austin Stone
as himself / Investigator

Ryan "Shake" Lilly
as himself / GoPro & Sound

Tom Van Damme
as himself / Unpaid Intern

Media Manager
Matt Thomas

Special Thanks To
Amy Brockhouse

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