Barfly Lounge – S1-E4: Webmaster

Murphy Lanchester and Jack McManus meet face to face with the Web Master to go over the details for building the website at the Barfly Lounge. Singer Sunny Kay stops by while out on tour and does an impromptu duet with Barfly Lounge janitor, Claude Eisley as well.

Devin Vaughn

Sam Thomas

Original Score
Milky Way

Sound Design
Eric Murphy

Murphy Lanchester
Ryan Lilly

Jack McManus
Ryan Mayfield

Claude Eisley
Eric Murphy

Art Bender
Brock Whan

Jason Sandberg

Donnie Vest

Barfly #1
Stuart Vaughn

Barfly #2
Devin Vaughn

Barfly #3
Cody Granell

Sunny Kay
Samantha Kaye

Edited by
Ryan Lilly

Sound / Technical Advisor
Matt Thomas

Barfly Theme Song
Claude Eisley

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