Barfly Lounge – S1-E3: Velvet Blue

Murphy Lanchester and Jack McManus talk to the Barfly Lounge janitor, Claude Eisley about finding a Webmaster to help them build their eCommerace website to sell Murph’s book online.

Devin Vaughn

Sam Thomas

Original Score
Milky Way

Sound Design
Eric Murphy

Murphy Lanchester
Ryan Lilly

Jack McManus
Ryan Mayfield

Claude Eisley
Eric Murphy

Jerry the Satanist
Austin Stone

Street Teamer
Jeremy Wernli

Art Bender
Brock Whan

Haley Teel
as Herself

Juliana Logan
as Herself

Barfly #1
Stuart Vaughn

Edited by
Ryan Lilly

Sound / Technical Advisor
Matt Thomas

Barfly Theme Song
Claude Eisley

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