Barfly Lounge – S1-E5: Shadow Man

Murphy Lanchester and Jack McManus hire fellow barfly resident, Shadow Man to protect them against the Web Master who built Murphy’s website. Sister Wife brings some tunes to the Barfly Lounge to entertain all the barflies.

Devin Vaughn

Sam Thomas

Original Score
Milky Way

Sound Design
Eric Murphy

Murphy Lanchester
Ryan Lilly

Jack McManus
Ryan Mayfield

Claude Eisley
Eric Murphy

Art Bender
Brock Whan

Jason Sandberg

Donnie Vest

Barfly #1
Devin Vaughn

Barfly #2
Hillary Hanson

Barfly #3
Cody Vaneckoutte

Sister Wife
as themselves

Sister Wife's Security
Justin Richter

Edited by
Sam Thomas & Ryan Lilly

Sound / Technical Advisor
Matt Thomas

Barfly Theme Song
Claude Eisley

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