A Sinister Nature – Shoot 3

Posted by on Sep 28, 2014 in News


The final day of shooting has commenced. Everything went nice and smooth and we all had a good time. Everyone was a little bit worried about doing the special effects, but we managed to pull it off. Can’t wait to release it to the public in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone did a great job, and we would like to thank or actors…Travis, Tamlyn, and Matt…and also our crew…Ryan, Jeremy and Gage for helping make sure we got everything done.

We worked on post production all during the early morning hours, finally calling it a night at 4:30am. Still not 100% sure on the release date yet. We’re hoping for a very early October release though.

Here is a few behind the scenes stills that were taken during the final shoot. To see all of the images taken that day, visit our Facebook page, or our Google+ page.



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