2015 Muscatine Independent Film Festival

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click to enlargeThe 2015 Muscatine Independent Film Festival is November 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Over 90 films were submitted and 46 films were accepted.  We were lucky enough to get 3 of our films accepted into this years film festival.  Our film A Sinister Nature was accepted into the Murder & Mayhem category while our films OneTwoLeftShoe and The Great Self-Exile were accepted into the Best film category.

Here is the complete schedule:

Documentary Film Block
Thursday, November 5th – 6:30pm
Muscatine History and Industry Center

  1. Une Liberation (Brian Crewe – Studio City, CA)
  2. Letters Home to Hero Street (Kelly Rundle – Moline, IL)
  3. Auction Insider (Eric Benson – Waterloo, IA)
  4. The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove (John Richard – Iowa City, IA)
  5. It’s About the Music (Dreampost Media – Muscatine, IA)


Student Film Block
Friday, November 6th – 6pm
MIFF Theater at MCC

  1. A Longing For Home (Jonathan Dziuk – Iowa City, IA)
  2. Ian Has a Problem (Matthew Birks – Iowa City, IA)
  3. Sleight of Hand (Caleb Davis – Wellman, IA)
  4. Pressure Man (Kai Hsu – Los Angeles, CA)
  5. The Last Payphone on Earth (Alex Gibney – Cedar Rapids, IA)


Murder & Mayhem
Friday, November 6th – 7:15pm
MIFF Theater at MCC

  1. Smize (John Gigrich – Minneapolis, MN)
  2. Awakenings (Bhargav Saikia – India)
  3. Bright Light (John Gigrich – Minneapolis, MN)
  4. Hungry (John Montana – Van Nuys, CA)
  5. Franky & the Any (Billy Hayes – Redondo Beach, CA)
  6. Dead Saturday (Jeremy Burgess – Birmingham, AL)
  7. A Sinister Nature (Motive Direct Pictures – Quad Cities, IL)
  8. Depression (Connor Young – Carlisle, IA)
  9. Teasers (Rafael De Leon Jr. – New York, NY)
  10. White Diamonds (Corey Peak – Muscatine, IA)
  11. High Speed Caress (Corey Peak – Muscatine, IA)
  12. Those Trees Have Arms (Carl Busch – Cedar Rapids, IA)


Afternoon Block
Saturday, November 7th – 1:30pm
MIFF Theater at MCC

  1. The Great Self-Exile (Motive Direct Pictures – Quad Cities, IL)
  2. Temporary (Aaron Seever – Mesa, AZ)
  3. That Night (Phil Mayall – Lafayette, CA)


Twilight Film Block
Saturday, November 7th – 3pm
MIFF Theater at MCC

  1. To Have and Withold (Nic Barker – Australia)
  2. Into the Night (David Dawson – Machesney Park, IL)
  3. Fortunate Misfortune (Debra Brubaker – Cedar Rapids, IA)
  4. Max (Rajesh Naroth – San Jose, CA)
  5. The There (Scott Cobb – Austin, TX)
  6. Curse of Pancake Man (Girl Scout Troop – Mount Vernon, IA)
  7. Unicorn (Charles Klein – Batavia, IL)
  8. Driven By Bacon (Franklin/Devore – Minnesota/California)
  9. Walden Tarn (Anderson, Bishop, Busch, Lafayette, Taylor – Iowa)
  10. Life & Times of Thomas Thumb Jr. (Ryan Fox – Milwaukee, WI)


Evening Film Block
Saturday, November 7th – 6pm
MIFF Theater at MCC

  1. Teen Cop 3 (Greg Best – West Des Moines, IA)
  2. OneTwoLeftShoe (Motive Direct Pictures – Quad Cities, IL)
  3. Villanelle (Nick Busch – Cedar Rapids, IA)
  4. No More (Wes Worthing – Boone, IA)
  5. Call Me Crazy (Batterson/Orton – Waterloo, IA)
  6. The Whole Person (Mangler/Mayabb – Los Angeles, CA)
  7. Morgan and Kershaw (Fix It In Post – Eastern Iowa)
  8. Allison Red (Ferguson/Bishop – Muscatine, IA)
  9. County State USA: Sweet Corn (Nowak/Devore – California)
  10. Urgent (Nate Willits – Muscatine, IA)


8:30pm Awards Presentation and After-Party at Boonies

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